replacement tires different than stock 91V rating


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With my latest 2011 Sport purchase, I remembered the first cars oem tires(same Goodyear RSA) didn't last more than 25000 miles even with regular rotation and care. I thought about changing to a different weight class like a 95 rated tire in the V speed rating but didn't act on it before selling the car. I see now where BFG has a Advantage TA in the stock size of 225/45x18 with a 95V rating so I thought that I might buy a set in the coming months. Has anyone made this swap on their cars and what was your experience? I've had BFG Touring TA tires on my Mustangs in the past and they were good tires.With the wear bars becoming more obvious, I sprung for a set of Firestone Firehawk AS in the OEM size. These are 95V and ride a little stiffer over pavement ripples. The oversteer of the Goodyear RSA has been eliminated it seems to me with the handling more neutra(or so it seems). I liked the handling of the oem tires but the mileage left alot to be desired in my opinion. I may swap in a larger rear bar down the road so if anybody knows of one, let me know.
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