Wheel Hub replacement, please help...


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First off, welcome me on this forum ;)

Guys, I need your help, need to change front wheel hubs on my Fusion.

Well, despite spending days on some online shops, cant figure out exactly what to buy. I have 2013 Fusion 2.0 Turbocharged Titanium with FWD. My favourite shop is rockauto.com. They have a lot of hub assys but their description doesn't indicate exactly which part number goes for FWD application. I'd like to buy genuine OE part like Motorcraft. They have HUB419 and some other sites also list HUB410. Their description tells me that this parts will fit front or rear wheels but on AWD application. So I'm totally confused as I can't see there FWD on any items they list. So my question is, is there a difference between front and read hub assys in FWD car? and if it is, what I need to look for?