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has anyone had any experience with this tire? it's the least expensive tire I've found of the 95V tires that I'm considering as replacement for my Goodyear RSA oem tires. Decided on Firestone Firehawk AS in the stock size. It is 95V rated and after a short amount of time I can say that the ride is a little harder over the pavement ripples and it appears to have neutralized the handling. There doesn't seem to be the oversteer that the stock 91V Goodyear RSA created. I liked that part of the OEM tires so I may be looking for a bigger rear swaybar to give that back to me. If anybody knows of a bigger rear bar, let me know. 11/25/19,while waiting for responses I checked out some of the vendors on this site and see where Steeda and CD3 Performance are offering bars for this car. I need to determine my stock bars diameter before I drop any money for a replacement. I would also like to cut cost by using a junk yard part if there is a Mercury MKZ or the like that would interchange. I swapped bars on a 2000 Mustang that I owned many years ago with mid eighties turboTbird and Mustang GT bars. I'm going to have to find a junk yard to rummage through.
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