3rd brake light when installing spoiler question..

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2012 Fusion SE 2.5L, 2017 Nissan Al
Hey there, names J.C. and I'm new to here with this being my first post/question.. I just recently bought a 2012 Fusion SE 2.5L that I am trying to make more presentable for my wife to drive and have already switched all the interior lights to LEDs, change all headlights and exterior lights to LEDs including switchbacks for turn signals, taken off the old tint and had new tint put on and put window visors on it, have cleaned and steamed the interior, gotten a lot of different interior trim pieces from pick-and-pulls, switched out the shocks and struts, and just got through replacing the front lower control arms last night and have done all this within a month, since I have had it. It's definitely a good project car since I have a 2017 Nissan Altima that I've done the same to but my altima is slammed and sitting on some concave Vossen wheels and I'm pretty much done with it and got it to where I want it so I figured the Fusion would be fun to fix up. Enough about me though let's get to the point so hopefully somebody will help me out. I have a spoiler that is the correct color and fits perfectly on the car, it's not a fusion spoiler though it came off a Milan which I know has a lot of interchangeable parts, the spoiler has a taillight on it so my question is what have people done with the third brake light on the trunk when installing a spoiler on a fusion that didn't originally come with one? I know this has had to come up before but I've searched the many fusion forums and can't find anything. It would really look silly have a taillight on the spoiler and directly sitting on another brake light plus the two taillights so is there a piece that goes into the original spot of the trunk light that's painted or have people just had to live with it with no options? Thanks in advance and sorry for the ridiculously long post.