Hit Pothole - Parking brake light, traction control light, ABS lights all popped up on dash. Won't go away!


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Last week, I was driving to work early in the morning through a construction area that forced us onto the shoulder of the road. I ended up hitting a bad pothole (one of the ones you feel bad for your car). I was only about a mile from work so I drove there no problems. When I went to leave for the day, my dash lit up like a Christmas tree. Parking break light flashed, traction control and ABS lights all came on. I have the electronic parking brake so I pressed it off and the light went away. The parking brake light turned off but the other lights stayed on and I started driving. The car drives completely normal however, when I come to a complete stop, the parking brake light comes back on, even if I turn it off again it will pop back up. I did end up getting a bubble on my tire.

I have taken it to 4 different shops for diagnosis and they all have either come up with different problems or nothing at all. (need 4 new tires +$1000, need to replace ABS module +$600, need a whole new steering rack assembly +$2600). The one shop did notice that I had some rodents chew through my transmission harness wiring and they repaired that and they chewed through my O2 sensor and repaired that.

The car is currently at a Christian Brothers Automotive undergoing a diagnosis but they didn't find anything initially so they're diving in deeper. I am getting really frustrated with this car. The week before I hit the pothole I started looking at trucks and would trade the car in. I kinda feel like the car wasn't ready to get rid of me... I am now stuck in the position of measuring if the cost to repair is going to be more/less than the amount they would take off on a trade in with these problems.

Any ideas or help would be great!


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