SW Georgia Sport says Hi Y'all


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Bought a red 2011 Sport from the local Carmax last week. This is my second 2011 Sport. The first was blue exterior and I really liked it until I was seduced by a used 2010 Pontiac G8 v6. The Sport was only slightly inferior to the G8 but one had to go and the G8 appearance was very powerful with the hood scoops and bigger interior making the hard choice a little easier. A year or two after buying the G8 the recall notices started coming in. There were three ranging from seatbelts to engine. After waiting for GM to take care of the recalls and realizing GM had little intention of honoring them for a discontinued brand, I traded it for a 2016 Mustang v6 auto coupe. Kept the `Stang for a short while until advancing age made me realize that getting in and out of that car was not going to get better. Needing a sporty vehicle, I remembered the Fusion Sport so started surveying the web and finally found one close to home with a reasonable price and jumped on it. It's a Carmax car with a couple of issues that I hope Carmax will resolve for me. But enjoying the driving experience so far.

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