Side View Mirror Turn Signal Light assy

Hi, Has anyone replaced a lense.jpg which is incorporated into the exterior of the mirror - My Son had a minor "incident" with the driveway gate and the gate won - fortunately just the lens was shattered and no damage to side view mirror itself - Replacement assy widely available online. Anyone replaced this part?
SMH hopefully you did not follow the "great how to" above me. DON'T IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. Not one thing right there. The skull cap pops off just use a trim tool on the outside of it GENTLY so you dont snap off the tabs. The will come off without breaking. Then two Torx bolts. One on the back and one on the front towards the outside. If you move the glass all the way in you will see it. You don't have to remove the glass unless you want. It does give you more access if you do. However you can get to it fine if you dont' the unplug and you will have to carefully work the turn signal out. It will be a little frustrating to get out. Just be patient. Assemble in reverse order. NEVER NEVER NEVER. Would the manufacture have you drilling holes to remove parts.
Ha - Yes I laughed to myself watching that video - Cannibalism at its best. With 40 years of aircraft maintenance behind me, I just shook my head watching that kid hack up the mirror. I did manage to remove the screw behind the mirror without much trouble and suspected the skull cap had to removed as well - Just waiting to hear from someone who has accomplished this before I started prying on it without any direction - Thanks for your advice - Have a good one.