Driver side door water leak


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my 2011 Sport has had a water leak showing on the door sill for awhile now. The car is a used car from Carmax that has gone through a few hands before I bought it. I suspect one of the previous owners locked their keys in the car and used a coat hanger to pull on the interior door handle or get inside the door to the latch mechanism. While doing this they punched a hole in the rubber body weather seal which is hollow and this allowed water to enter the seal and flow down in the seal to a spot above the door sill where the seal is split vertically. Perfect place for any water making it into the seal to escape. The passenger side door seal is split vertically in the same spot as the drivers door seal but since that side seal is undamaged, I don't see water draining onto that door sill plate. I filled the hole(s) in the damaged seal with some RTV and will monitor this door for water draining down the sill plate. It's been a few weeks and we've had quite a bit of afternoon thunderstorm activity and it looks like using the RTV worked. My seal was damaged in the upper rear corner which is logical for a point of entry for a coat hanger aiming forward and down to the interior door handle.
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