2015 Fusion Entire Center Console quit working also Door Windows and Locks quit all at once


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2015 Ford Fusion SE
Hello, 2015 Ford Fusion owner, 17,000 original miles car mostly garage kept, very clean good running Fusion. The problem is suddenly the entire Center Console goes out and at the same time the door locks, door window controls all go out at once. So No AC, real problem as it is 100* most days in our summer. No window controls, can't lower a window when the AC goes out. No heated seats, No Radio funtion, dark screen. There may be more features not working but you get the idea. This has happened about 10 times now to us. Ford is offering ZERO. Warranty is out of date. 17,000 original miles and zero help offered.
I think I have figured out this happens sometimes after the driver seat has been adjusted. So I pulled the Driver seat out and checked all connections and grounds. There is a ground wire under the seat that if removed and re attached will solve this issue every time but it is not a fix, just a reset that gets you going again till next time. I have found complaints of others with the exact problem but I have not found a solution yet. One guy said he replaced the seat module and fixed this issue. Maybe that is the problem. Looking for ideas. Thank You Mark ( I reported this on another Ford forum but can't find that link now. ) This started at about 16,000 miles and the car now has 17,500. It does not get driven often. I did install a new battery and checked all connections I could. A wire harness diagram might help.