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North canton
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What I Drive
2013 Ford Fusion SE 1.6L EcoBoost
Always been a Ford fan. I'm into the Taurus, and have a 2013 Taurus SEL. But, I've found myself fixing it quite a lot lately DIY (high mileage), and wanted to get a "backup" fixer upper just in case my Taurus finally has something serious. I've always appreciated the look of the new generation of Fusion, as well as the last gen (I bought a new 06 Fusion 2.3 manual back in 2006 and put 112k on it, then passed it on to my brother in law. He's still putting miles on it ~250k now).

I was provided a loaner Fusion to drive while my local dealership diagnosed a hard start / long cranking concern on my Taurus, and I found that I really enjoyed the look, handling, efficiency of the Fusion. My kids fit in the back and had no complaints as well. I'm 6'4" and am surprised to learn I'm quite comfortable in there as well. So, I bought a Fusion as a backup. I found a '13 SE 1.6T w/ 94k for a great price. Ingot Silver. I'm enjoying it, and getting it "up to my standards." I put on a salvage, like new tail lamp assembly, and I put LED headlights in last night, and that WAS NOT fun. I'm not sure what Ford was thinking requiring the front bumper cover to be removed just to change headlamp bulbs.... Looks better now though with 6000K white LED.. I put in SilverStar Ulta high beams in. Quite bright. I hope these all last, b/c I'm not looking forward to changing out bulbs again....


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