Got any ideas about this noise?


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2012 Ford Fusion SEL 3.0
2012 ford Fusion SEL 3.0 AWD
Started out with a bearing grinding noise from the front left wheel bearing. It has about 145,0000 miles on it, so I figure it's the wheel bearing.Did the shake down test on it and it was a bit loose. Didn't want to try to remove the bearings on the car so I got a new steering knuckle with the new bearings and new hub already loaded. It was time for front brake pads so replaced the pads and rotors on both sides on the front. No issues to speak of. Put it all together and headed out to get the front end alignment checked. Realized the dust shield from the new steering knuckle was rubbing the rotor, Adjusted the shied position and headed on. Alignment checked out good. All is well.
Three days later, another noise, same wheel, but it's a slightly grinding, more of a rubbing noise. Only when above 20 mph and only with light to moderate acceleration. No noise on coasting in gear or in neutral. I have done the hard left turn to hard right turn backup in reverse and don't hear any clicking or chatter from the CV joint. I am not sure that it isn't the CV joint, but don't know how else to check that. I am thinking that the backwards left to right drive check only checks the outer joints.
Here's another odd thing. It only does this for the first 10 to 12 miles and then stops, and doesn't come back until after the car sits for 4 or five hours.
Any ideas would be most welcome.