Ford Cancels Fusion Redesign for North America


According to The Detroit News, Ford officials wrote in a letter to suppliers that the company will cancel a planned redesign for the North American Fusion. This redesign was reportedly scheduled for the 2020 model year.

If true, the report doesn?t necessarily mean Ford is killing the Fusion in the U.S. As The Detroit News points out, it?s not uncommon for automakers to alter redesign plans or cancel them altogether. Ford might not have come with the right formula for a new Fusion, one source suggested to the publication. Another said the Fusion would remain in the lineup for at least three to four years.

In a statement to Motor Trend, Ford stressed the importance of the Fusion to its lineup. ?Fusion remains an important part of the Ford lineup for years to come with even more new fresh features on the way,? the statement reads. ?We will have more news to share in the future.?

There?s a chance that Ford is completely re-evaluating the midsize sedan proposition. Ford CEO Jim Hackett said last month that customers are looking for a ?bigger silhouette,? hinting the Fusion could grow in size or change significantly. If Ford makes a larger Fusion, it could ask consumers for more money, driving up margins in a category that traditionally commands lower profits than SUVs and trucks.

Ford has said it will offer fewer car nameplates in the future. It?s reallocating $7 billion from cars to trucks and SUVs including the upcoming Ranger.