Floormats/glass cleaner/rims

I'm new, and I dont see a forum thread for these three so here we go:
-I'm thinking about replacing the floormats in my '09 fusion. Any online dealers recommended? I'd like to get a gunmetal or silver with the Ford logo, if possible. http://www.carid.com/2009-ford-fusion-floor-mats/lloyd-floor-mats-161223.html

-Any cleaner recommended for exterior glass? I usually just use lame ArmorAll, etc.

-Cleaner recommended for chrome rims? Same deal..

Thanks folks!
Bobby - what did you end up deciding on floor mats? For glass cleaner, I user Sparkle.

As far as cleaning your chrome wheels, there's a ton of products out there. I use an eco-responsible, waterless wash products from www.croftgateusa.com
I use Stoner invisible glass cleaner, and I'm always happy with the results.
I have weathertech floor liners and agree with @maxjonez pm Stoner glass cleaner. If fact I always carry a can in the car along with a paper towel roll.
I've read good reviews on Husky over Weathertech. A manager at a Ford dealer I spoke with today was raving about Weathertech. So I guess it's all in your budget and maybe how long you plan on keeping the car.