Adding Keyless Keypad 2009 Fusion SE

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2009 Ford Fusion SE
I recently purchased an '09 Fusion SE... car is pretty regular, with only the Sport Appearance Package as a major option. I wanted to add an external Remote Entry Keypad (as I had done to other Ford motor vehicles in the past). I inquired, and was told that KB3Z-14A626-A is the kit required. I purchased one direct from my local dealer (rather than attempt the online sales jungle). I got the thing for $80 plus sales tax... and figured it was the way to go. PROBLEM IS: the keypad won't program. USE instructions included in the box. Programming instructions? Not so much.

Several 'online' instructions to 'open the driver's door'.... 'hit the unlock button (not sure if this meant UNLOCK on the door panel OR UNLOCK on the transmitter built into both ignition keys)... so I tried BOTH methods... then rapidly cycle the ignition key from OFF to ON (not accessory or start) 8 time's, leaving ignition ON when complete... the door locks should cycle (they do)... then press the lock button on each ignition key transmitter... one site says locks should cycle with each press... THEY DON'T... one site says you should hear a horn honk with each press... THIS DOES happen... then, taking the new keypad, press 7/8 and 9/0 at the same time (the Ford default LOCK command)... the door locks should cycle. THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN, despite repeated attempts .

All good, I called in a favor at the dealership - figuring you need the Ford Scan Tool and Software to get this programmed. I even found an official version of the 'programming procedure' using the Ford Scan Tools (11 pages) and printed it out. Trouble is, when you get to the drop down menus, per the instructions, the "RF Keypad Learn Process" command that's supposed to come up in the menu, is NOT an option. We checked to see if this thing had been overprogrammed with keyless entry keys, filling up the available keyless entry memory slots. Software shows just the two ignition keys for Transponder programming AND the Integrated Transmitters for keyless entry. And both keys work fine. Starting the car (transponder) and cycling the door locks and trunk and panic features.

Lastly, I figured, "hey, I know this thing is brand new" but maybe its not transmitting anything... just because the thing lights up when triggered... I have an RF reader scan tool - Part of my Tire Pressure Monitor Scanner... enclosed card says the RF Keypad transmits at 314.95 MHz, right in TPMS scanner range... 'testing' output with TPMS scanner reveals Full (100%) close range transmission... so, I'm thinking on board battery and Keypad are new and functioning normally.

Super Lastly, I located an old broken apart Ford Transmitter Key... I changed the battery... IT seems to be transmitting too (TPMS test)... I opened the door...hit unlock...cycled the key 8 x's, got the locks to cycle... hit my OE transmitters (honk, honk)... then hit the 'new transmitter'... and was rewarded with another 'honk'... then, I end the learning cycle. My two original keys lock/unlock/trunk/panic... no issues... the 'third' key transmitter???? does nothing.... I give up...

You can't RF program anything.... key cycle or not... and you can't IDS (Integrated Diagnostic System) program anything either... Ford techs are baffled.... at two dealerships now... all internet advice is 'cycle the key...programming couldn't be easier'... I see other RF keypads with different part numbers, but fear they must be vehicle specific (mustang ONLY, i.e.) the instruction sheet repeats the ordered part number, adding only that there is a separate part number (with a "B" suffix) if the car has remote start... it doesn't (it's a manual transmission)... repeated inquiries with full VIN# confirm the right part number was called for and ordered (and received).... This sounds like small issue...but it sure is frustrating... Guess I could order a SECOND KB3Z-14A626-A... but I fear the same result and then I'd have TWO $80+ paperweights.......... any thoughts?