08 Milan 2.3l 4cyl 65K Rough Idle With AC on


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The car idles smooth between 600 to 700 rpm except after sitting at a stoplight for a 60 secs with AC on then drops to aprox 550rpm shudders and goes back to 600-700. this is not constant but frequent. With AC off car idles fine. AC blows cold.

I have cleaned MAF sensor and run the idle relearn procedure.

Is the best next step to clean the throttle body and can I do that without removing it. If so what is the best online tutorial?

Do gas additive injector cleaners help or are they hype?

Could the car need plugs at 65K?

I'm trying to find things I can do myself before I put the car in the shop. The last repair I did was a water pump on a 1989 sable about 20 years ago :)

Any advice or opinions are appreciated