New Sway bar links


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A month ago I replaced the rear struts and strut mounts. I'm still getting some clunking noise coming from the back. I'm not certain, but I'm thinking it could be the sway bar links are worn out. I bought a set of four on Amazon for $32. My 2014 SE has 130k miles on it. I already know I have to replace the front shocks and possibly the right cv axle as I hear a popping noise when I'm turning the wheel while sitting still. I'm hoping it's not the ball joints as I'd have to replace the whole control arm with the ball joints already installed. I will have time tomorrow to check out the sway bar links to see if they are in fact the culprit in the rear. The only other thing it could be is the lower control arm and bushing in the rear.

But for $32 it's worth a shot at replacing them to see if it solves the problem.

Btw, the reason I had to replace the rear struts is because the right rear broke at the top of the shaft where it goes into the mount.

I won't be looking forward to replacing the CV axle when I do it though so I may wait until I can take it to my local mechanic to do it for me. Heck I might just buy the front shocks, links and CV axle and just pay them for the labor.

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