Lowbeam headlight inop troubleshooting

Key West
United States
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2017 Fusion Hybrid SE
Hello world

We have a 2017 Hybrid SE. Just noticed copilot low beam headlight is out.

We replaced the whiter and brighter bulb we just installed in September, still nothing.
Replaced overheated socket (when new bulb didn't work, we next thought the socket had overheated by the way it looks, see attached picture), still nothing.
Now totally perplexed!

Research shows some fuse panels having a fuse for each light, so 4 fuses, one for each low beam and one for each high beam. Our owner manual does NOT list any fuses for headlights at all.

Can anyone who is super familiar with internal electrical system give us (seniours) any ideas of what to try next before we take it in to a repair shop and have them rape us for something computer related?

We are living on very little and I drive most days AND nights delivering food, so I need both lights working, never thought it would blossum into such a major ordeal. Just like the rear view mirror that can no longer be tightened via a set screw, now you have to replace entire gosh darned mirror. What are humans doing to one another, grin?!?!

Hoping for some positive feedback today 19.04.23

Danke Schön...Merci...Thank You

Mrs. D
19.04.23 09:55 U.S.A. Pacific


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