New member, new vendor

Hey guys, just thought I'd formally introduce myself. My name is Steve and I do not drive a Fiesta but I do drive one of it's forefathers. My current ride is a 2004 SVT Focus with a Jackson Racing supercharger running the 10psi Big Boost kit which puts it around 200whp and 180ish torque, not a rocket but significantly stronger than stock and with the gearing of the SVT it's a lot of fun and as one member here knows it runs dead even with a tuned FiST (surprised us both).

I've been into smaller hot hatches since I bought my first ZX3 new back in 2000, that was replaced by a 2004 ZX3 D2.3 MTX and then by my first SVT (below) a 2002 that I drove daily for 12 years and lightly modded making it into the finest driving N/A SVT I ever drove. Still miss it actually although the power of the new one means the change was well worth it.

I've wrenched on cars for 30+ years both on my own and professionally and I've got 20+ years in Ford parts with the last 12 or so specializing in dealing with you guys on line. I work for Tasca Parts Center and I'll be here to assist with any parts you may need help looking up both OE and FRPP and making sure you get the best deals on parts and shipping. Whatever you need be it parts help, tech help, assistance working out better shipping costs don't hesitate to get in touch.

This is my baby,