Be Practical but Elegant Greetings from the Philippines!

Greetings from the Philippines! Im just new here and never got the chance to introduce myself. Im currently driving a Fiesta Variant and the year model im not yet sure if its 2010 or 2011. Thanks for adding me Admin. And by reading the forums, i already got answers on my questions so far lol.

I got it 5 years ago with 15k miles reading. Now it has 44k. Since then i?ve never had problems or maybe because its not a daily driver. But this one really exceeds my expectations. The quality and the ride, for me its really awesome compared to other ones i drived. A big Thanks to this site. Coz in my country Ford is still in the boom stage. So maintaining one is really expensive. You really have to go to one of the ford dealers just to have your problems fixed. And cost a lot. And i mean a lot. And this site is a big help for me and to others who want to take care of their own. Thanks again for this forum.
5 years and only 15k miles? Need to drive it more.
Actually Mike, its a 5 yr old. And its running at 44k miles reading. 5 years ago i got it @ 15k mikes reading. And yeah, i really have to drive more lol.