Hi, everyone.
I have only one remote key (FCC ID: N5F-A08TAA) for my 2013 Ford Fusion SE and, unfortunately, MyKey is activated. My plan is to buy a blank key, to encode it as admin and to access MyKey settings with it. The problem is hitag3 chip inside (exact name: "47 Philips HTPRO") which is different from what I can find in the market for N5F-A08TAA. Sellers at Amazon or eBay suggest the keys with "Texas 4D63" chip (128 bit transponder, chinese version - 80 bit) which has completely different crypt.
So, 1. where can I buy such remote?
2. how do I know the type of the chip from the numbers on the fob? (fcc ID: n5f-a08taa; IC:3248-a08taa; Cofetel: rlwaa012-0480; 284121 00489)
Thanks in advance