Cars become popular when their designers think about everybody, particularly when they elevate the idea of "family sedan" to the rank of automotive primacy.

Thus, we have bestsellers such as the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Chevrolet Cruze - and the subject of this week's column, the 2017 Ford Fusion V-6 Sport.

The midsize, all-wheel-drive V-6 Sport, mostly new for the new model year, is Ford's effort to keep the Fusion in the "best-selling" class. It is a task as tricky as politics. Consumers, like voters, are fickle.

They were hot for the Fusion in 2013, its introductory year, largely smitten by Ford's usurpation of the Aston-Martin grille. It wasn't an outright theft by Ford, which once owned the British company and felt that it had the right to use the grille as part of the price of former ownership.

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